our story

We'd always talked about leaving city life to open a bed and breakfast, but it took having 2 kids, living through a pandemic, a little dumb luck, and a whole lot of adventurous spirit to finally make it happen. We weren't strangers to Boonville, but if we're honest, we had no idea what we were getting into. "What's a septic system?" we asked our agent during our first visit to Stoney Bottom. Thanks to community, persistence, and heaps of faith, we've turned Stoney Bottom into the family business of our dreams. This place is our labor of love. 


Love of design. We make decisions for Stoney Bottom based on what makes us happiest when we're on vacation. 

Love of the planet. We are solar powered, use green cleaning supplies, avoid single-use plastics, and offer toiletries primarily composed of plant-based ingredients. We leverage the greywater from washing our linens to water the lawn and we never, ever use glyphosate or pesticides in our gardens. We use primarily organic, local ingredients in our meals.

Love of the community. If we can't grow it ourselves, we source ingredients from our neighboring farms, wineries, cheesemakers, and co-ops. We honor the expertise of our gardeners and housekeeper, and pay them a living wage.

We are Casandra, Kaitlin, Max (8) and Georgia (3), and we can't wait to share Stoney Bottom with you.